At Protech Garage Doors we specialize in repairing all types, makes, and models of garage doors and garage door openers. Your garage door is a critical part of protecting your vehicle and providing an extra entry and exit route; however, if you have children and/or a busy lifestyle, making sure that your garage door is safe and in proper working order is of utmost importance.

If your garage door isn't working properly and needs major repairs, or if you have a new garage door or opener, and need to have it installed, have our trained and certified technicians offer you the best advice, service, and a free estimate.

Garage Door Parts That Might Need Repairing

  1. Safety Photo Eyes
  2. Track Brackets
  3. Track, Vertical
  4. Flag Bracket
  5. Cable Drums
  6. Track, Horizontal
  7. Angle Iron Brackets
  8. Shaft
  9. Torsion Spring
  10. Quick Disconnect Door Arm
  11. Top Fixtures
  12. Hinges, Graduated
  13. Bottom Fixtures
  14. Weatherstripping
  15. Hinges, Center
  16. Winding Cones
  17. Extension Springs
  18. Garage Door Opener Parts/Access
  19. Rail Components
  20. Rollers
  21. Locks/Handles
  22. Pulleys/Sheaves
  23. Cable
  24. Bearing Plates
Garage Door Repairs

Typical Garage Door Problems

  • Broken Spring
  • Broken Cables
  • Broken rollers
  • Can't open the door
  • Crooked Door
  • Springs balanced
  • Tune Up
Garage Door Repairs

Typical Garage Opener Problems

  • Gear and Sprocket
  • Stops on the way up or down
  • Opener wont open or close
  • Remote problems
  • Missing remote or keypad
  • Chain adjustment

We Repair Both Residential and Commercial Garage Doors and Openers

It's important that your garage doors are in optimal working order to ensure your utmost safety and productivity. Our technicians are experienced with all makes and models of garage doors, from residential garage doors to heavy-duty commercial garage doors. Our fully stocked trucks each have a complete selection of parts and tools needed to meet the needs of any kind of garage door or garage door opener repair job.

Whether you have a broken garage door or opener in your home garage, workshop, or warehouse, Protech can provide you with expert service. Have us send out one of our experienced and fully bonded garage door specialists today.

Call us today for a free estimate at 1-855-833-6677