• Strong, durable, and weather resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • low cost and low maintenance
Residential composite garage doors

Looking for a garage door that is as durable as fiber glass but cheaper? Would you like a garage door that has the strength of steel and beauty of wood—without the problems of rusting and denting or warping, splitting and cracking? Composite garage doors are the solution to all these issues.

Get the best of both worlds

A fairly new product, composite garage doors are made from a combination of materials that produce the most efficient garage door product in terms of both beauty, durability, strength, and insulation; with the added benefit of being the most environmentally friendly options in garage doors.

Heavy-duty Insulated Composite Garage Doors

  • Double-layer composite wood
  • Polystyrene insulation
  • Energy efficient
  • Quiet operation

Our double-layer composite wood garage doors have great sound proofing, quiet operation, and superior energy efficiency, in many attractive models.

Get Outstanding Durability and Environmentally Friendly Weather Resistance

Composite garage doors have exteriors that are often made from at least 80% or more recycled wood fibers, bonded with water resistant polymer glues that allow the garage door to be virtually maintenance free under normal conditions. Composite garage doors are fairly impervious to conditions ranging from the severity of the sun's ultraviolet rays, desert like heat to below zero weather, and are excluded from any chance of rusting, denting, heat or water damage, due to their tough melamine skin. There's almost no chance of swelling or cracking caused by changes in temperature and/or moisture levels.

Strong Construction And Effective Insulation

The interior structure of composite garage doors is composed of either wide, laminated support railings, or alternated layers of wood fibers, polymers and plywood sheets. Insulation is incorporated through not only the natural insulative qualities of wood and polymer, but by the greater temperature control abilities of CFC-free, polystyrene (Styrofoam) insulation. This special, environmentally friendly and water resistant insulation's R value (thickness) stays the same throughout the duration of its use, and is available in a variety of 'R' levels to meet your home's insulation requirements.

Choose from Many Styles And Colour Options

Although composite garage doors are some of the newest products available in the garage door market, they're available in a huge variety of styles, including carriage style garage door designs, roll up garage doors, and panel style designs. You can also choose from our complete selection of composite garage door window sections and hardware components, to provide you with just the right look for your home and garage.

As for the color and texture of your composite garage door, you can choose from luxurious, authentic wood grain texture and stain, plain contemporary color choices, or you can finish your own composite garage door's ready-to-paint surface.

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