• Enhanced Insulation
  • Longer lasting
  • Much quieter operation
  • Superior dent resistance
  • Greater sound-proofing
  • Light-weight
  • Affordable
Heavy-duty insulated steel garage doors

If you live in an area with more pronounced changes in seasonal temperatures, and you need to prevent your garage from turning into an oven in the summer and becoming a freezer in the winter, you may find what you need with our polystyrene core double-layered steel garage doors.

Galvanized double-layer garage doors are rust resistant, and have greater durability and dent resistance than single-layer insulated steel garage doors. The added surface protection is built in with tough, baked on coatings, and a supportive polystyrene core sandwiched between two layers of heavy gauge steel.

Superior Temperature and Sound Insulation

Still more affordable and lighter-weight than traditional wooden doors, heavy-duty double-layer steel garage doors offer greater temperature resistance and sound proofing than both single-layer steel and wood garage doors. These features add additional life to your garage door opener, and save money on heating and air conditioning costs during extreme whether conditions.

Unlike single-layer steel garage doors, double-layer insulated steel garage doors have improved sound proofing and quieter operation, due to their polystyrene insulation, held in place by glue and a supportive backing layer of steel. Styrofoam insulation and it's protective, galvanized steel backing helps create a more complete, attractive look for the interior of your garag, while facilitating better temperature control for your garage and home.

During the warmer and colder months, these significant energy saving features will also help you reduce your carbon footprint.

Steel Garage Door Maintenance

Simple cleaning when needed and spot treatment whenever necessary with the recommended preparations and products (due to scratches should they occur) can add additional years of life to your garage doors.

Choose From Our Collections & Many Styles Available

With many double-layer steel garage door styles to choose from, and a wide selection of window options, there are hundreds of steel door design possibilities for your home.

Stratford Collection

The Stratford Collection is built in standard gauge steel, and features durable, low-maintenance doors in your choice of traditional styles. Available in: 44 Designs, 9 Colors.

Oak Summit Collection

Self-expression shouldn't cost a fortune. With Amarr's Oak Summit Collection, it won't. Attractive, durable steel doors with a variety of carriage house looks. Available in: 72 Designs, 3 Colors. New Woodgrain Finish Available.

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