If you have a Victorian or Colonial style home, and your garage door is in a highly visible area, then a wooden garage door just might be your best option. Many people prefer this traditional style of garage door despite it's need for regular maintenance.

  • Strong and weather resistant
  • Ultimate in insulation
  • Ultimate in durability
  • Ultimate in soundproofing
Residential Wood garage doors

Heavy-duty Insulated Wood Garage Doors

  • Custom, handcrafted carriage house designs
  • Meticulous detailing
  • Paint or satin grade wood options
  • Environmentally safe polystyrene thermal insulation
  • Energy efficient

Single layer steel garage doors are made from a single sheet of galvanized (rust resistant) heavy duty 25 gauge steel.

Choose From a Variety Wooden Garage Door Types

There are a variety of attractive wood types to choose from such as African Mahogany offered by some manufacturers, as well as Western Red Cedar, Hemlock, Redwood, Oak, and many more, so you can easily find the perfect wooden garage door to match the style of your home.

If you're looking to make a statement, the authentic classical elegance of carriage style garage doors can be a great choice; however, you can also choose between roll up style, overhead, or three panel wooden garage door designs.

Get Double the Durability With Double the Wood

In colder climates such as Ottawa and surrounding areas, you'll want a double-layer door for your home. Single-layerwooden garage doors have only a layer of insulation applied to their interior, and are mostly suitable for garages that house vehicles only, as the exposed layer of insulation paneling can be very easily damaged. If, however, your garage is meant to function as an additional, living, playing, entertainment or working area, double-layer wooden garage doors are a better option, as they provide the best insulation, most soundproofing, and highest level of durability. Our double-layer wood garage doors have wooden exterior and interior walls housing a frame work of either metal or wood, and expanded polystyrene insulation paneling for premium protection against the elements.

Choose From Many Wood Garage Door Style

There are many vintage and historically inspired wooden garage door types to choose from, as well as a huge selection of windows to pair your garage doors with, leaving you with no shortage of appealing options. There are also number of attractive contemporary wooden garage doors to choose from, if you wish to make a more modern statement of elegance for your home.

How To Maintain Your Wood Garage Doors

Wood garage doors need special care, as moisture is their worst enemy, and any degree of swelling, rotting and splitting can necessitate costly repairs or replacement due to failing insulation and working performance. A swollen garage door can stall or get stuck during operation. An unprotected wooden garage door that has become impregnated with moisture can suffer from rot, mildew and succumb to cracks, holes and even termites.

Prevention And Preservation Of Your Garage Doors

To preserve the working quality and like new appearance and condition of your wooden garage doors, you have two maintenance options to choose from:

  • For stain-grade wooden garage doors: Stain your wooden garage doors 1 to 2 times a year.
  • For paint-grade wooden garage doors: Paint your garage doors when ever they show signs of wear and tear, paint peeling, bubbles in the paint or swelling.

Staining can be as easy as spraying or brushing the appropriate wood stain product on your clean garage doors. Painting, on the other hand, requires that any old paint be carefully removed, the doors properly primed, and then painted.

Other Wood Garage Door Considerations

Wooden garage doors are often the most expensive due not only to their more labor intensive manufacturing and expensive materials, but also their heavier weight. The greater weight of wooden garage doors necessitates that a stronger garage door opener be used along with heavier duty hardware that should be installed for the doors safe operation. Installation can also take longer, and requires that qualified professionals perform the installation rather than the homeowner. This is to ensure the wooden garage doors will work and stay safely in place, as well as last longer for the home owner's use.

Let us help you make the best, informed decision, whichever your garage door requirements.

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